About Us


DMW ENGINEERING aims at building sustainable world-class innovative Digital Construction machinery in Nigeria.

About Us

Welcome to DMW Engineering LTD, your trusted partner in the world of heavy machinery solutions. With a relentless commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we specialize in the sales and after-sales services of a diverse range of heavy machinery, including construction machines, agricultural equipment, forklifts, and greenhouses.

Why choose us?

Good Design Award, Japan’s comprehensive design and Manufactured in china.

World-class support to deliver the best customer experience. If you have a question, DMW Engineering  has an answer. Reach out today!

To improve performance results to ensure that maximum value is derived from investments in projects.

DMW-ENG Support Delivers AwardWinning Service. DMW has a long history of industry recognition and a proven track record of providing a superior Service …

 The goal of investing is to make money, so it’s natural to pursue investments that offer the greatest possible return.

We truly value the energy, skills, and new perspectives that experienced hires bring into the business.

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