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DMW LOVOL is Sole Representative of LOVOL Construction Machinery in Nigeria. It aims at building sustainable world-class innovative Digital Construction machinery in Nigeria.

Who Are We

Sole Agent & Representative of LOVOL in Nigeria

Our Mission

Building a sustainable world class innovative Digital, Graphics and
Production Machinery industry in Nigeria.

What We Do

Sales and Technical support of Heavy machinery and Mining machinery  in different

Our history

DMW LOVOL is a large-scale industrial equipment and supplying enterprise specialized in Construction Machinery, Drilling and Mining Machines, and other equipment.  It shares the philosophy of total quality and commitment with the development of those communities where it operates and maximum respect for execution terms and clients budgets. DMW is a sole Representative of LOVOL Machineries in Nigeria. It aims at building a sustainable world class innovative Digital, Graphics and Production Machines industry in Nigeria. The Company impacts everybody in the society, despite the cultural diversity, business objectives and potentials that are in need of varieties of unique construction machines in different ways.

Why choose us?

Good Design Award, Japan’s comprehensive design and Manufactured in china.

World-class support to deliver the best customer experience. If you have a question, DMW LOVOL  has an answer. Reach out today!

To improve performance results to ensure that maximum value is derived from investments in projects.

DMW-ENG Support Delivers AwardWinning Service. DMW has a long history of industry recognition and a proven track record of providing a superior Service …

 The goal of investing is to make money, so it’s natural to pursue investments that offer the greatest possible return.

We truly value the energy, skills, and new perspectives that experienced hires bring into the business.

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DMW LOVOL intergrates service into each segment of the life cycle of every order from pre-sale, in-sale until after-sale, and offers "consultancy" and "manager" service.